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Workshop Stool

I decided to make a workshop stool to be at the right height for working at my new bench (pictures to follow).  The seat is made from Oak, and the rest of the stool is made from Ash, with the wedges made from Jarrah. The overall height is 780mm, and by having just 3 legs it sits on the slightly uneven workshop floor without rocking. The design and all the drilling angles were worked out beforehand using “Turbocad”.

Segmented Bowl


This is my first segmented bowl, and was constructed  from Sycamore, Oak, and American Black Walnut, using the press featured in the last post “Pressing Matters”. It measures 254mm diameter by 85mm high, and the design is loosely based on the example in Ron Hampton’s  excellent book “Segmented Turning – A Complete Guide”


Pressing Matters


This press uses the readily available “York Front Vice Screw”, and was constructed from offcuts of 18mm Birch plywood for veneering and assembling segmented rings for woodturning.

The main “plates” of the press are 400mm square, and comprise 3 layers of 18mm Birch ply glued together. The whole framework is both glued and screwed together, and a considerable amount of pressure can be applied to the item being glued. I normally use 3 or 4 sheets of newspaper as well as a sheet of plastic immediately either side of the ring to avoid getting glue on the press.

Chocolate Egg Stand?


Did I really make this just to display chocolate eggs? – of course not, but a good friend of mine thought it looked the part and kindly adorned it to demonstrate!


Now of course its obvious


The top disc was made from 3 layers of 18mm birch plywood, while the central turned column was made from oak. I use this stand for gouges, while tools made from flat section steel like parting tools and skew chisels can be kept on two magnetic racks on the wall nearby. It seems right that a “Turner” should have a turned stand for turning tools.