Welcome to my website. My name is Peter Turner, and I have been interested in woodwork since my school days when both woodwork and metalwork as well as engineering drawing were taught. It was from these lessons and from helping my father make and repair things around the house, that my interest in craft work and the pursuit of craftsmanship was kindled. When in 1985 I put together my own first home workshop in a single garage, I figured that with a surname like mine I ought to try Woodturning, and became immediately hooked. Having moved three times I am now putting together my fourth home workshop where I enjoy most forms of DIY as well as woodturning, furniture making, and creating small boxes and clocks . Like many woodworkers I often make my own jigs and fixtures for the workshop rather than buy things in, and hopefully my blog will catalogue some of these projects to give other enthusiasts ideas for their own workshops.

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